A Click A Day

Mr. Pencil – A click a day.


Running around to purchase the last minute school items for the children, Mr Pencil captured below reminds me of how many pencils I have to purchase in a given term because the children somehow manage to misplace them often enough.

It makes sense to buy bulk purchase school supplies so that I don’t go out of my mind at the odd moment requests of ‘mommy I can’t find my pencil or pen, eraser or sharpener.’

Below are few tips that can help to ease into a new school year.

  1. Do a health check for your child/children
  2. Stock up on back to school supplies.
  3. Stock up on lunch/snack items.
  4. Ease back into a bedtime routine and invest in an alarm clock if necessary.
  5. Have a pep talk to motivate them and gauge their emotions.
  6. If they are joining a new school, anticipate the challenges that come with change and give them as much assurance as possible.
  7. Set new school year priorities for them.
  8. Plan for an engaging after-school activity for them.
  9. Pray for your children.

So are you ready yet?

Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Out of the silent breath


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