Rare Findings…

The more rare an item is, the more expensive it becomes in some cases like the pot of honey below. Even the savant Pooh Bear will attest to the finest taste of this honey. There’s definitely something about it.

Sidr Honey

Sidr honey from Yemen is the rarest and most expensive honey in the world. Sidr honey is sought after because of it’s exquisite taste, it’s health benefits as a natural medicine, and it’s even known as a powerful aphrodisiac. The demand for real Sidr honey from Yemen is so high that it is known to sell for up to 1000$ per Kilogram and if one is not careful to purchase from the right sources, they can be sold the fake product.

Sidr Honey

Rare Coins

Money has evolved in value over centuries but coins still retain their basic round shape. I wonder what the real cost of these coins found at an archaeological site in Baghdad will be.



A year ago, I saw this grand lady sitting in a corner of a hotel ballroom, whilst music floated through the speakers of the modern CD player. I closed my eyes and imagined the fine & country classics that breezed through the gramophone and the nicely dressed gentry to twirled and twisted to the jives πŸ™‚


Rare – The Daily Post

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