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Ski Dubai and Two Birthdays – Echoes of my neighbourhood 29

On Thursday’s, I share pictures about ‘Echos of my Neighbourhood.

I would like to invite you to participate. The challenge is quite simple and you can find out more about it through this link.

It was a busy last week for my household with two birthdays in the house. A good reason to celebrate, indulge and get a bit spoilt. We went to the Ski Dubai, though I’m still trying to figure out why we paid to go and get cold in a – 4 degrees indoor resort – I guess the blistering heat in this place makes it novelty 😉

A visit to the Cinema to find Dory and The Cheesecake Factory for the birthday celebrations was the icing on the cake so to speak.

Gosh, all the buttery, delicious popcorns and generous slices of decadent cake indulgence this Summer has convinced me to join the children in Karate/Dojo classes.

I hope I don’t kill the Dojo master this time around 😉

Thankfully we can’t eat food online otherwise, I would have taken a bite out of Lady Lee’s delightful pie while watching the full moon, and the glorious Sunset on St. Johns River with the waving palms where Pamela took me was just enough to make me sigh in pleasure.

I must say that Brigid’s Irish village’s Tidy Town practice with the blooming bikes is such a delightful aesthetic and horticultural idea. From Ireland, we traipsed through a little Monsoon drizzle where we sang in the rain and filled our eye’s with beautiful blooms.

Kat took us on a journey to the National D.Day Memorial at Bedford and with respect to the solemn photos of those who sacrificed their lives in pursuit of the freedom that today’s generation enjoys, we must never let certain history repeat.

So, when do we get to visit your neighbourhood? Do invite us over.


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Out of the silent breath

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16 thoughts on “Ski Dubai and Two Birthdays – Echoes of my neighbourhood 29

      1. I’d be all over the Dubai Ski resort too (saw that EE episode – wow)! In a perfect size 4 if not for cake, ice cream (especially together), grainy delicious breads, mousse – ah, mousse; so light it feels like eating fresh air but then – BAM! The Donatella Versace doesn’t want to zip! (I dream big). I’d get depressed, head bowed, crawl toward the kitchen for comfort… Nothing there but fat free yogurt, celery and carrots… Sheesh. Who needs that? Thank goodness for a “meanie” roommate (who’s away for the week – hence the vanilla bean cake 😀 ) AND for birthdays!

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Tomorrow (the 29th) is my birthday. I’d love a half carrot/half dark chocolate cake. I spent last weekend camping with my kids, and it was hot, if not Dubai hot. Air conditioning is welcome today!

    I might join this hop soon – looks like fun! =D

    Happy birthday to your birthday boys!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow… Such deliciousness!
    Currently I too am obssessed with chocolates and cakes and fighting to keep my fingers off it!! Its such a struggle 🙂 Btw.. nice photos 🙂 last time you found nemo, this time dory; whats next? 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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