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Across the bridge….

Maria stared intently across the wide expanse of water she was completely lost in thoughts.

This is the fourteenth anniversary and though everyone thinks that she should move on, her heart was too restless to do so and it was difficult to find any form of closure.

Fourteen years since Theodore took their boy Sam to go fishing and they never came back. Their boat was later found upside down at the other side of the bridge.

The search team and private detective never found anything. No bodies were recovered and she believes that they were still alive.

She believes that Theo had escaped their rural living into the shiny brightness of the big city. He had suddenly acquired a taste for city life and had gone completely off their rural lifestyle which she loved.

Maria could still recall their last heated exchange over selling their home, the day before he left the house with their little boy.

She stared at those highrises twinkling from afar. It’s time to go back and search again.

They have to be there, somewhere.


© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Thank you, Barbara,  for the photo and Priceless Joy for hosting this charming platform where we unleash our stories:-)

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Out of the silent breath


28 thoughts on “Across the bridge….

  1. Wonderful but heartbreaking story. I can’t imagine how horrible it must be to have lost your husband and son in a boating accident and not be able to recover their bodies. I too would be haunted on whether they really died in the accident or just left their current lives behind. Great story, Jacqueline!

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  2. a heart wrenching tale Jacqueline, and so close to truth some how, the possibility of escaping a mundane life led to a fake accident, many thoughts run through my head when i read this and that’s what makes a great story. well written!

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      1. i wonder if a situation could be that bad till they had to do that, then i have seen some families in so much pain that i think again and see it might just be the only way out, i am not judging just digesting the anguish and betrayal that seem to come out of this, as i said your story has really got me thinking

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      2. i totally agree with this, i see manipulation in relationships and that really hurts after love has gone out of the equation. being honest about all of it is good for the soul not lies and deception

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  3. Your story makes me sad. People search and search when it comes to dead bodies. Seeing the body makes it real, burying means it happened and you can go on from there. But when you don’t see the bodies like this woman, perhaps you think things that aren’t true, Perhaps you single-mindlessly cling to hope when your loved ones are long moved on, and not on this earth. Well written. Thought-provoking.

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  4. Sad and realistic. Some people do disappear and fake death. Some people are really dead. Either would be difficult to accept.
    She seems so determined and convinced that they aren’t dead.

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  5. Oh dear… either of the two probable reasons would terribly hurt. I, myself, am not sure which would I rather hear. That must be tragic for her. 😦 But despite all her unanswered questions, she kept a brave heart in the end. I commend her for that. Great story, Jacq!

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  6. Okay, I’m hooked. I tend to believe it was a case of betrayal. If so, is it possible to bring him home? Maybe Theo died when his boy is fifteen. His last words were “Go find your momma . She lives in ___________” Was the name of the city to faint to be understood, or did the boy understand? Oh, Jacque, tell me the rest. 😀

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