Something borrowed…

Wedding, Bride, The Groom, Just Married, Happiness

She stood in her silk garter stockings as her mother help with the tiny delicate buttons on the wedding gown.

She sniffed and dabbed her eyes again. They were both two watering flower cans with happy tears and sniffs.

How I wish your dad is here to see you,‘ her mother expressed for the umpteenth time.

‘Ma, he’s here. His presence fills this place.’

They both kept quiet for a little while. Each adrift in her thoughts.

There was a time it was touch and go. They had almost lost faith that Nicole would make it from the horrendous car accident several Winters years ago, but she cheated death and had lived on borrowed time. Even the doctors thoughts, that she might be bedridden for life has been proven wrong.

In her something old..her mother’s modified wedding dress, something new…her beautiful cream pumps, something borrowed...the pearls sent from her fiancee’s mother and something blue…the little sweet peas that were used to lace her bouquet, Nicole stood fully dressed, a breathtaking bride to behold.

She was ready to leave for the Church to join her groom to start their new life. Living fully was her plan because it was just borrowed time.

Β© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Borrowed,Β The Daily Post

Image credit: Pixabay


21 thoughts on “Something borrowed…

  1. Sorry didn’t mean to send… Mother in law died seven months previous. I borrowed a flower hair clip from my sister and pinned a blue bow to my underwear. This was a lovely story that fetched a frippery of fantastic memories that dripped stupidly from my eyes. Thank you for making me emote. πŸ˜‡

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  2. I am not sure what it was I borrowed…. but I am glad that my dad was there. The absence of the dad in your story touched me. The feeling of missing someone at an important point in life – I would have loved my dad to be there when my first child was born, but he had passed away 10 month earlier…


  3. A good way to live, especially when life is fragile. But made me think, all of us are on borrowed time. We may not be so keenly aware of it as the bride, but we never know when the end is . .. Well done on this fictional piece.

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