FEATURES RESUMES # 23….Let me share your post links.

I Need Your Links Please. Thank You 🙂

a cooking pot and twisted tales


Featured blogs took a couple of day’s break to create space for the smashing brunch party that we had over the weekend.

If per chance I missed out your link, please give me a gentle prod 😉

You can send in the links to the posts that you wish to promote.

‘Help keep the loop going!’

Today’s featured blogs are:

Spring cleaning from Joy Indestructible, a beautiful piece of writing. To borrow some of Pam’s words,

Not wanting to go back I tarry long, gathering each hue;

Spring-cleaning of mind and reorganizing heart’s closet,

Letting go the old and making room for new life deposit.

My dearest Pam is one of my biggest props in this place. I call her my sage one. She needs our prayers and support. Please look in. That’s why we are a community.

Lift up your head A short, beautiful, inspiring message from Harmony, of…

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I love it when you decorate my heart with your words..

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