The Good, The Bad and The Evil…The great book of lists.

For The Great Book Of Lists, this weeks theme is a list of people throughout history that I would like to meet  *dead or alive* and without missing a beat, I know the people that I would really love to spend some time with right now. 

I will concentrate on those who are no longer with us and I will start the list with the good ones.

  1. My dad. If I had a chance to choose a parent once again in my life, I would choose you. You are one of the most beautiful soul that I am  opportune to know.
  2. My grandma. She loved me.
  3. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis – After all, I was named after her and would have loved to meet her.
  4. Princess Diana – I admired her a lot.
  5. Mother Theresa – Her generous and gentle spirit is an example of how a person can make a difference.
  6. David, The King of Israel. After reading my psalms quite a bit, I have pondered often on this great soul.
  7. Clark Gable aka Rhett Butler of Gone with the wind. I had a girl crush on him, even though he was already gone by the time I came.

The EVIL THAT MEN DO will always follow their name long after they’ve left, and these men below were simply vile.

  1. Adolf Hitler
  2. Vlad Dracula
  3. Idi Amin
  4. Joseph Stalin

The rest of the infamous evil gang can be found through this link if you wish to read 25 Most Evil.

My sole wish is to look them in their evil eyes, give them a large piece of my mind and a nice smack on the cheek. They literally got away with murder on so many horrendous degrees!!

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha



18 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad and The Evil…The great book of lists.

  1. One person I’d like to speak to would be Carl Sagan. I watched Cosmos when I was a kid and I always admired the way he could answer naive questions without belittling the people who asked them. Since I’m sure most of my questions to him would be naive, that attitude would be of tremendous help.


  2. Your composition and style of writing are unique and inspiring Jacqueline. Yes! The EVIL THAT MEN DO will always follow their name long after they’ve left, and these men below were simply vile. You did mention four names, Adolf Hitler, Vlad Dracula, Idi Amin and Joseph Stalin, many still forget about the evil Belgian king called Leopold II and what he did to Congolese in Africa.

    He killed over ten million Africans, including women and children. Some of his victims hands were cut off. With much respect, I put a link for readers to read about this evil king. Above all a statue has been built in Brussels to his honour, when there is no statue of Adolf Hitler. Keep me happy please with such nice articles. Thank you.

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  3. Hi Jackie,

    The “good” section made me smile warmly, then I burst into laughter as I imagined you smacking Adolf Hitler’s cheek, he would be so shocked to even say anything. XD

    Indeed, those men on the evil list were wicked men with no souls. I remember watching the movie about Idi Amin when i was much younger, absolutely despicable!

    I enjoyed reading this.

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  4. In a book called Apostolum Epistolorum (letter of the Apostles), the apostles petition Jesus to be allowed to have compassion or pray for the wicked suffering their torments in hell. It is very interesting, the limit of compassion and the attempt to pray for enemies, but Jusus is just, like, apostle dude, there is something you do not understand, and says that is up to the Father. The torment of the wicked would result if our souls are immortal, and these guys are just stuck with themselves in the light of truth for eternity. Somehow, the possibility of this evil goes with the possibility of great good, like we have free choice, with the soul and mind as they are, so these can be precisely perverted. We are very impressed with your knowledge if history! And your ability to describe terrible things in a direct manner, which is good for adults, a kind of looking it in the eye. From this, we gain a kind of knowledge and a confidence despite human ignorance. We too love Jacki O, standing there in the blood spattered dress all day saying “I want them to see what they did to my husband.” He was prob’ly chasin chicks and doing all sorts of arrogant boy things, while the grace of Jacki it the light in the story. Thanks again.


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