Let’s Get Together For Brunch…You Are Invited.


Oh this is fun

And I want a bun

It’s time for lunch

Or better still let’s have a brunch

A kettle of Cardamon tea

And a slice of vanilla cake

A sip of rich coffee

And that bite of apple pie

There might be a carafe of table wine

With lots of grapes so divine

I think I spy some Easter bunnies

Please do hand me the honey

A medley of this and that

It will be a lively chat.


This is an invitation to a Pre-EASTER Brunch, taking place this weekend in this abode from Saturday 19th to Sunday 20th.

Come let’s dance into Spring with a spring in our steps.

Do keep a date and you’ll be glad you came.

I set a day reminder at the top corner of the right bar.

It will be good to have you here.

”Share as much as you can. The more we are together, the merrier we shall be.”

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha




58 thoughts on “Let’s Get Together For Brunch…You Are Invited.

  1. Let the countdown begin! 😀 Your delicious descriptions have me drooling over here! Brunch is the best thing to have happened since breakfast and lunch discovered there was no need to be alone any more ❤ Love your writing and brunch invitation 🙂 I will make sure to bring my "fruit medley crisp" Ok… I make it sound more grand than it actually is…it's the same thing as apple crisp only I use a bag of mixed frozen fruit for the filling…not frozen when it's done of course 😉 Cheers! xo

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  2. Thanks for the invite. Never attending a blogger party/online brunch e.t.c & unsure what to expect.

    There’s a nice food related poem I wrote a while ago which I could bring out/link to for the occasion. I also have an idea for another poem called “Bitter Lemon” which uses food related metaphors as insults instead. So if I finish that one in time, that might be another I could add/link to then. Will see what I can do. 🙂


    1. The party link goes live tomorrow and all you have to do is to log into the link which will be titled *Brunch Party live link* drop your link, say hello to others, participate in a little game, eat some online food and drinks 🙂 and dance. All the semblance of a party, just online. Looking forward to seeing you.


    1. It’s really just an online bloggers meet and greet. We simulate the idea of foods and drink, there will be online music as well from me…it’s fun and the link will go live tomorrow. Just look out for it 🙂


  3. Hi Jacquline and all you party goers! I am supper busy so I will be bopping in and out. I have a blog that has brought me the freedom to express myself and spread a positive message. I am not a writer but rather a socializer. I love people and I will visit probably all the party folks here and through out this event. Thank you Jacqueline for the wonderful party. You are indeed very unique, kind, and caring person. It is my pleasure to meet all of you. Here is one post I do every Tuesday with Jacqueline. It is “my thinking corner” I hope you like it and if you want you can join us on Tuesday’s with your own “thinking corner!”


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  4. Hi everyone! Thank you, Jacqueline for hosting such a lovely event. I am Annette and my blog is just about peace, love, happiness and some current events….LOL I am random and so is my blog! I will be doing a series called “interview with a blogger” and I have four bloggers signed up and ready. I will release the first interview soon. I will also be hosting a wonderful surprise challenge that is going to take you places. I love what this challenge can bring. A community of folks united with views from all over this world. At least, that is my hope.I am going to go visiting now and I will see you all very soon. Oh no almost forgot. Here is a link to one of my posts called “my thinking corner” it is a challenge or event that Jacqueline hosts. I tag in with her to spread positive MOJO everywhere. Here is my link


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  5. Jezz oh pete Jacqeline did I come at the wrong time again? LOL I am so awful….just trying to meet people and I never go to parties so I just don’t wanna miss it….lol sorry dear

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      1. Sorry I missed it. 😦 I thought it would be around noon during your time zone (Dubai?!?!) I wasn’t able to connect with you guys. Perhaps next time!! Thank you for the invitation and I hope you had a great time.


  6. What a lovely gathering and coffee with a slice of pie or cake would be scrumptious! I may not get a chance to stop over since my youngest daughter is coming to visit. I told her the littlest one in our family, 7 month Hendrix is scootching across the floor now on his belly. So cute!


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