Midnight Motivations and Musings # 30…


With the advent of social media, the success of people’s lives are now measured on how glossy they look on instagram, Facebook and other platforms.

Are they living it up? Are they performing feats to the glee and cheer of the crowd, almost turning it into a comedy and circus of sorts, inadvertently pushing peoples boundaries, especially the younger impressionable generation, to aim for the outrageous in order to feel any dint of success or fame.

The failure in realizing and appreciating those little goals that we’ve achieved on the road to the bigger one is ingratitude.

Living is a risk and each day well-lived is a peak climbed. No day should be taken for granted in the search of only the glossy, adrenaline/dopamine filled days.

Don’t let anyone undermine your fruitful days. Sometimes, behind all the glossy finish that is shown off lies murky ripples and misery untold.

The little everyday conquests we make Β in our living are our peaks.

Enjoy your moments.

Β© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


15 thoughts on “Midnight Motivations and Musings # 30…

  1. Complacency is something I refuse to accept in my vocabulary. In every area of my life I am never too old to: learn more, love more and learn from other.
    Also, social media has a way of misleading people into thinking their lives are not good enough.
    I know I am blessed because I am a child of God!

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