Little Buddha…



10 thoughts on “Little Buddha…

  1. Is there no offense taken by Buddhists with these figures? I’m not very knowledgeable about this religion, but I thought Buddhists actually worshiped the figure of Buddha. Am I way out in left field? Perhaps the Buddha statue means no more to them than a symbol, therefore, it would be somewhat like I take no offense at a picture of Christ. I really don’t think I would like it if some one marketed cute little kuppie doll kinds of representations of Jesus. I wouldn’t do anything about it but . . .And I’m almost sure the Muslims would not like figures of Mohammad represented like this. Just picking brains. Someone educate me.

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    1. They do worship the figures though I am not so knowledgeable as well about the religion. I can bet you Muslims would not take kindly to such representations. Christians are far more tolerant and I think Buddhism is as well. The think is that I have seen it in several places in the City so my guess is that it’s okay.


      1. Here in USA it seems someone is always slaphappy to be offended and bring a law suit, to try to make a little deal of money. I may be overly cautious.


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