Deep Longing….

He stooped between the two marble headstones. A bunch of daisies clutched in his hand and his head bowed down in silent grief as he whispered. His girls had loved daisies.

The gentle breeze from the willow trees whispered in the wind and sometimes he deciphered a whistle in the floating air that sounded like a name blowing in the wind.

His heart yearned with deep longing and his eyes watered at the thoughts in his heart. He missed them with ferocious pangs.

His frame had grown more rangy over the past three years and his life was a shadow of itself since his beautiful wife, the love of his life and their girl Rose died.

A drunk guy ran the red light and plowed into them, killing three people at the spot…Melanie, Rose and their unborn son.

He still cursed the guy in his mind and most times he railed at God for taking his family and wondered why the sorry fool had lived.

The say that time heals, but sometimes the desperate longing in Devon gnaws deep into his bones.

Β© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

The Daily Post PromptΒ Longing

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