YES!! Party Link Live – Love Thing Valentine Blog Bash and Mingle… Join the fun!


You are welcome to our Valentine Blog Bash.

Just make yourself comfortable.

Refreshments are nicely arranged down the page. Drinks, Chocolates, Cakes, Donuts and so much more. πŸ™‚

This video had me cracking.

You can crack your Poetic Prowess by taking part in continuing this tag along poem below. The full poem will be published on my Tuesday’s Trivia with every part attributed to the contributor. So here goes…

Her eyes shone with tears

That clung to her lashes

She glanced at the ring

It’s twinkles brought back flashes

Okay, so here are the rules of partying and mingling.

  1. You must mix and mingle with others. Don’t be a wall flower. Go say hello to someone and you can participate in the Tag a poem up above.
  2. Β Please leave your blog link or post link in the comment box below along with an introductions.
  3. It’s one link per comment, but come back as often as you’d like, that way it’s easier to focus on a link at a time for others.
  4. Please reblog, spread the word of the party like butter, or like, share on Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Facebook, etc. Tell your family, friends, Β bloggingneighbours, even your blogging pets.
  5. Have fun, it’s a great way to find bloggers and have them find you.
  6. Please show some love. Reblog this post. It helps all of us! The more people that see and participate in it, the more potential new follows! So, share and share voraciously!

There we have it. Since all the rules have been clearly explained, have fun and make the most of it πŸ™‚

Thank you for coming to my party and supporting my blog. You rock.

Β© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha.

‘In my place, when you call for a party, you don’t skimp. Our hospitality is legendary. We even have jollof rice and gifts. Just help yourself to a fluffy teddy, a bouquet of flowers and a gift pack.’ You are welcome πŸ™‚

1,087 thoughts on “YES!! Party Link Live – Love Thing Valentine Blog Bash and Mingle… Join the fun!

  1. Hi everyone, thanks for coming… Yes, thank you very much. This way, please. Salmon is over, but if you still want some please come to me. I have a secret stash.
    Please leave your shoes here. That would be a refundable deposit of 100 dollars, please.
    *takes the shoes and hides them*

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  2. I just realized that I posted my little poetry contribution when I commented before… but I never really introduced myself. Which I suppose is due to my’wallflower’ instinct at parties. πŸ˜€

    So… I am Sandra (obviously, and yes, that is my real name) and I started out posting original fiction and what I think about all sorts of things in life (because everyone needs to know what *I* think). And then I started writing poetry for the first time in my life and I’ve enjoyed that so much that I keep posting more and more.

    And at times, my content gets, racy, shall we say (the poetry and the fiction… and sometimes, the reality).

    Here’s a small racy bit… since it’s Valentine’s Day and all…

    Happy β™₯ Day!

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  3. Hello everyone and Happy Valentine’s Day! The party is really happening here! Thank you for hosting your party, Jacqueline! I’m Lisa from Life of an El Paso Woman. I blog about movies, music, sports, my life, etc. I’m including a post I did yesterday. It’s about Valentine’s Day and music in Spanish. Here is the link There’s SO many blogs to check out here! I’m going to take a look at them.

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    • Sorry, Rules have changed. Hostess is passed out on the couch. So my rules…
      No entry without a ticket.That’ll be 750 dollars per head. Arms and Legs additional.
      Yes, 1500 will get you a VIP ticket. Go right in. Enjoy! Oh, there’s no food left. You need to come back to me for food. 40 dollars a bite for Salmon. 600 for a portion. 1500 for an entire sandwich!

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    • Hi Pamela…so happy to see you. Hope your Valentine’s Day has been a joyful one…and this party will definitely add to that!!! Just beware of Wandering Soul…she’s really a wonderful person…she’s just a one bubbly too many! Or she’s on a salmon high…not sure which it is…I can’t wait to stop by later and visit… πŸ™‚

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  6. Party Update for Latecomers: Why are you late, b-t-w?
    The hostess was earlier seen walking around in a daze. She kept mumbling, β€œSomeone stole my shoes.” I have no idea what she is talking about. Hey, don’t look at me like that… I have a feeling she is stoned. Now, she is passed out on the couch. So in absence of the hotess, my rules apply. No questions asked. Me.. who are asking who am I? Sure, I’ll let you know once I get to know.
    the Rules are –
    – No entry without a ticket.That’ll be 750 dollars per head. Arms and Legs additional.
    – E ntry allowed…. Enjoy! Oh, there’s no food left. You need to come back to me for food. 40 dollars a bite for Salmon. 600 for a portion. 1500 for an entire sandwich! oh you want juice and desserts too. 2000 dollars, please. Nice. Here’s your food coupon.
    – You need to leave your shoes here. No taking shoes in. Please deposit 100 dollars, refundable when you come back to collect your shoes.

    Happy Valentine’s Day! Enjoy!

    snatches the money and the shoes and runs away, shouting – You want them back , pay up 1000 dollars. πŸ˜›

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  7. Oh I’m so glad you’re still around πŸ™‚
    Was a bit afraid of finding only the cleaning crew (what a lot of work they’ll have) and “that girl” snoring behind some sofa hanging on to a mound of salmon and shoes πŸ˜‰
    It’s 8pm my time , 4 hours ahead for you Jacqueline ??? what an endurance you have , you remind me of myself when I held those all night long parties for my teenage kids πŸ™‚
    Got a lot of visiting to do around here , I see πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    Turtle Hugs Everyone

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  8. What a tremendous turnout to Jacqueline’s party! Jacqueline, you’ve outdone yourself with beauty and good taste. I’m glad to see everyone and look forward to finding the time to follow as many posts as possible. Don’t forget to take a drink!! Here’s hoping you too can drop by What’s Next and browse. Pay the love forward!

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  9. lovehappily – I hear you. This is what can happen here if you’re not paying attention. (Points to salmon sandwich stuck on heel of her shoe.) As for the water, I don’t know – I just stopped by to say hello and drop off my 7-layer salad. Happy Valentine’s Day!! FUN PARTY! πŸ™‚

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    • haw! What a waste of the salmon. That’s 40 dollars a bite, and you threw away an entire sandwich! Tsk… Tsk…
      Gimme the salad. Go take off your shoes, first. (mumbling , i could have made another 1500 on that sandwich)
      (hides the salad and the shoes)

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  10. Knock, Knock, Knock, I’m back here to mingle and have some fun. I hope the groove is still on. With me here are some bottles of Baileys and Danish cookies, and some, hmmmmn, yummy delicious chocolates. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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  11. Hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend Jacquie – and fellow party-peeps too of course! Thank you for making it so much fun! I missed most of today for sleeping it away, but made up for it ahead of time by blog-partying all day and night yesterday(!) Now about to enjoy the last two hours of Valentines Sunday finishing a couple of posts I left lingering and then I’ll back to catch up with any lingering party guests I missed so far. Maybe we should have a fourteen days and/OR fourteen ways to ‘share the love’ some more – starting tomorrow, ending with a Leap from 29th to…? I reckon it’ll take at least fourteen days to really explore all the amazing blogs linked up during this but wonderful to meet so many of the people who have created those blogs. Thanks again for the fun, chat, food, gifts, warm welcomes etc πŸ˜€ see you soon, Colette πŸ™‚

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  13. Hello Party Lovers, What a day? I can see that everyone is exhausted and have retired from this big feast. Well, I know exactly what I’ll do. I will go through the manifesto and locate most of you at your blogs. Hope you’ll take some time to visit my space too, when the hangover has cleared off. Lol. πŸ™‚ Hope to connect with most of you and here’s wishing you all a blessed week ahead! Much Love! πŸ™‚

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      • Lol. The great idea to mingle and connect. Your visibility at the party was second to none. I guess the Bank vault was filled up with cash made from the party, kikikiki. Hey, you pulled a staunt by charging such huge fees for lateness, salmon and… Quite hilarious! I enjoyed my brief stop-over. Haha!

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  14. Forgot you’re so much ahead of us! I missed The big day (Valentine’s!!) Hope everyone had a great time! Still early where I am. I’ll hang out to see if anyone is still bangin around!

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  15. …And to Jacqueline, many thanks for inviting me to your party. I salute this awesome novelty to the blogosphere. You have a big heart and have displayed a rare quality by organizing a fabulous party on Valentine’s day. Weldone! You’ve done well! Dalu. πŸ™‚

    Take a good rest and have a super blessed week. πŸ™‚

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  16. I just arrived, late, while going through blog posts to get to here and now. I’m glad there’s both spirit and relaxation. My shoes are off. In fact, I’m sitting cross-legged. I don’t know if I’m in time for food and drink. The rice dish looks wonderful, as do the layered drinks. I’ve been reading the earlier posts leading up to the event. I got going through an invitation from mandibelle16 ( She’s been so generous in sharing the word.

    Thanks for the brainstorm and for hosting hosting this gathering. Happy Valentine’s Day and days to come. Pax.

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  17. Is your party still going on? If so I’m buying everybody a drink. I love reading your blogs they keep me enthralled!!! So lets get this party in 2nd gear! On by the way, roses are red violets are blue! I bet you didn’t think I was a poet.

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  21. (wakes up from the couch with a crick in neck. everthing is topsy turvy, not a soul in sight.)
    Where the hell is everyone? No one came? HAW!!!
    Sheesh! Look at this place.. looks like a tornado hit.
    whoa, why do I have salmon all over me… and what… wait, was i just sleeping on a mound of shoes…. Whose are they? Man, my head hurts. I better make a quick exit before I am asked to help clean up. (checks pocket for house keys, pulls out 6000 dollars, passes out in shock)
    heheheh… thanks for the follow, Jacques! Lots of love and amazing, amazing, amazing party , by the way.

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