Tireless Mind…Streams Of Consciousness Saturday.

Well Linda it seems as if you know my mind is consumed with all the fine details of hosting my first blog meet-up party. Who would have thought it that nine months from starting my blog that I would have the gumption to jump into doing this and I can’t seem to ‘tire’ of thinking about how it would turn out.SoCS badge 2015

I am getting daring and jumping into the deep end of these bloggy waters and now that I have jumped into the pool, I must not ‘tire’ easily of swimming in it.

It’s an adventure. My adrenaline is pumping and I am shuffling my music like a professional D.J.

My entire crew (my family) are smiling at my bubbly self and anyone would think that I am having a live party in my house.

I am practically struggling to resist the urge to pick up my house duster 🙂

I haven’t felt this excited in weeks and even though it involves ‘tireless’ hours of fixing this and doing that, it’s all good and I am enjoying the experience.

Now, I look with more respect and admiration at those bigger blogs I know, where the awesome bloggers behind them seem to do this effortlessly without any sweat.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

30 thoughts on “Tireless Mind…Streams Of Consciousness Saturday.

I love it when you decorate my heart with your words..

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