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Need For Speed…

Linda knew Scott was visiting again. It took her a while to understand Jack’s  excited reactions whenever he ran to the closed garage door and made those noises while thumping his tail.

Scott loved to race and she hated it with a passion. Every time the racing circuit was on, she developed ulcer from anxiety.

She begged him to stop, but he said that the speed got his adrenaline pumping. He simply couldn’t stay away from the tracks.

She remembered that day with vivid clarity. Her bad feeling made her ask him not to go, but he waved off her fears with his boisterous, full of life laughter.

The nightmare unfolded before her eyes as she stood by the bylines watching cars careen out of control, the screeching tires, the scrunch of metal and the pile-up.

Scott died. His speeding days forever silenced, but everyday he is back, tinkering with his old clunker that he first started racing with.

She thought that his fatal attraction would have faded after everything that happened, but his passion seemed incurable.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


In response to the FFAW photo prompt above. Thank you Pixabay for the photo and Priceless Joy for this enchanting platform


22 thoughts on “Need For Speed…

  1. Great write. Sad that Scott wouldn’t listen. We have these bad feelings and gut instincts for a reason. Maybe men don’t get those as much I don’t know, interesting that his ghostly self returned to tinker. I feel terrible for his wife though.


  2. I dont always read every post, (by the way i started calling you Jackie O round the house, sis in law is jackie, cuz in jackie, theres an aunt jackie) you do get my attention with car/truck pictures though! Racing not so much, i think it is too reckless


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