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The Dear Diary Day’s…

Of course there was life before the computer and there will still be life after the computer.

It’s calledLiving and The Dear Diary Day’s1453819073144[1]

Before I started blogging, my dear diary took the brunt of my words and my dear Himself’s ears were perpetually hot from lending his ears to my nattering.

Now he can flip through the channels in peace while my gleaming eyes are dancing as I mumble and mutter over the clattering computer.

I still scribble a lot in dear diary, though not everything anymore and sometimes, I do get the feeling that she feels disenfranchised because at times, I feel her giving me the cold shoulder when I want to write those personal tidbits at the end of the day.

My typical day starts at 4.30 am on school days, when the alarm shrieks to wake me up. I groggily waddle to the bathroom to take care of business with eyes at half-mast so that the sleep can be retained for a little longer.

I then lie back for a few more minutes and just either read the Bible or pray quietly, going through things in my head. I enjoy that part of the morning when everywhere is quiet.

With school age kids, I prepare their breakfast and a meal that they take to school. On a lazy day, I slap a sandwich together. They have a canteen, but I am not particularly enthused with the offerings especially since my younger son has allergies.

We get ready for school and hopefully the morning goes sanely without looking for a missing sock, or pencil pouch or their glasses and what have you. It’s always a nice morning bustle.

After shooing them off to school, I try to get in some brisk exercise or lazy walk and just take in the fresh air.

Thankfully, for the past few months, I have not had to dash off to work like a headless chicken as well, but that might change anytime soon, when I get back to school myself.

The rest of my day follows with attending to Himself as well, planning the days meal, dashing out for xyz, homework’s, housework, personal business, reading, writing, listening to music and what have you.

Some days involve church work, charity work, this and that and those work, but life is usually full of odds and ends of things to do.

Now that I blog, I also fit it into my days schedule. Blog early. Switch off and get other things done, then come back to the blog later when the dust of the day has settled.

I keep pretty much busy without my computer, but please don’t get any ideas of coming to take it away.

I just got this new one when the old one gave up from exhaustion during Christmas, though I think my dear diary would be secretly pleased if you nick my computer.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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Your life without a computer: what does it look like?


31 thoughts on “The Dear Diary Day’s…

  1. You sound like a busy lady who’s found a good balance and keeps it all well in hand. On the blogging thing…it’s the reading that is overwhelming me of late. It’s getting to the point that I can’t read everyone and I don’t like slighting anyone…do you have a secret system, my highly organized friend?

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    1. Dear Joy, strange thing that you ask this. I just wrote a post in my draft with regards to reading blog posts. Maybe, I will post it before the week is out. The truth is that there is simply no way that you can read everyone’s post. There are just too many of them. What I do is try to go round within most of the blogs that I follow within a week. In a day I target about a 100 blogs including my favorites, that way I think I manage. Then, when someone likes a post, most times I follow their gravatar back if I haven’t been to their end in a while. There is really so much one can do. We have so many other things battling for one’s time.

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      1. It sounds like we approach it much the same. I need to let go of some expectations of myself. By the way, you can still call me Pam. My last name makes me stick out like a sore thumb and I had an awful online problem going for awhile so, I decided it best to go underground. However, there are millions of Pams so, that isn’t a problem.

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      2. Ah that’s better. I always prefer the first name basis. I used to feel the stress coming on from the loads of mails and posts to read, that I had to have a sit-down talk with myself and just do my best, which is all that someone requires. Please do be careful with the online issue.

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  2. I feel the same. I want to read everyone’s post and respond to quite a lot. Then I feel bad when I skip some. I spend most of the day doing this, plus trying to get my own posted. Your system sounds reasonable, Jacqueline. 🙂

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      1. You are right! Sometimes I have to just say ‘no I can’t do it all’ and get on with the day. 🙂 Thanks, Jacqueline, and I’m wishing you a lovely rest of the day and evening.


  3. Busy, busy lady!! I love that you start your morning with prayer and quiet reflection. I wish I could start my day that way. I would think my day would be a lot more peaceful if I did. Usually once the alarm goes off, it is craziness until I lay my head down again!

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    1. It really has a way of calming me down and keeping me focused. On days that I rush off without my quiet reflection, I find that not only don’t I achieve as much, I end up frazzled most of the time. Take baby steps and give it a try 🙂

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  4. Keeping up with reading other blogs is a challenge. If I feel I have something to write on a particular day, I never go into the Reader, it is just too distracting. I have 40-50 that I can follow loyally. Others, I look at on occasion, but sadly, have to skip quite a few. It is why I hesitate to follow new bloggers. You have a busy life, and seem to have found balance and the peace of mind that comes with it. Nice post. 💕


  5. so true!! I just found my diary and realize I need to always come back to where all my writing days started and spend time continuing the tradition

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  6. Man proposes, God disposes. Planning and coordination is the way to go but I don’t always follow a pattern. I just try to cover the basics everyday in no particular order so I give you kudos for your organization. Well done!

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  7. This and that and those… I love it. A busy day makes for genuinely good play. While I love having a computer, I suppose most of the things I do with it, could be done on paper with a pen. I know my journal takes a good beating every other day with my mile-a-minute thoughts. But thankfully, my computer isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Great post Jacqueline! 🙂

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