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Wordless Wednesday…Friends



10 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday…Friends

  1. But the “friend” in the front looks like she is being “wordless” to her companion. The hand held gadget is getting the attention. This kind of friend irritates me! I thought maybe lady #2 was sharing pictures with lady #1, but decided #2 would be leaning forward if that were happening. Looks like she is just waiting for #1 to remember that she is there.

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    1. I sat for quite a while and wondered to myself why they were bothering having the meal together. The one with the phone tweaked it for over an hour while the other sat there looking miserable. I almost wanted to ask her to come and sit with me 😉


  2. You mean you were there and took this picture? I’m glad to know a bit more about it. I guess I read it right. I thought I might be making a judgement based on my dislike of such trinkets. It would have aroused your muse! I would like to know what you would have done with that! 😀

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  3. I thought, before I realized, read, that you were There and saw this, ………perhaps they had to see each other bout something, but they didnt know each other. I f i wanted to i could look that way with some people i know ha, if we arent real talkative or relate well. Just my 2 cent.Wow i have lots of reading catching up to do as i am trying to Type again 😀


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