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Echos Of My Neighbourhood #1…

Night Time In My Neighbourhood.
Night Time In My Neighbourhood.

49 thoughts on “Echos Of My Neighbourhood #1…

  1. Wow, you definitely are abundantly blessed. The view has no words that I can even write. I just looked up packages to Dubai and it’s definitely expensive. Some of the hotels had me staring at photos like your neighborhood. Is that considered the downtown of Dubai?

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      1. They vary based on location and hotel. The ranges were $1600 and upwards to $5k or more on economy flights. I’m sure if God wants me to visit, the blessing will come. Continued blessings, Emma

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    1. You should try to stopover sometime Bob. I am sure that you will do your camera a lot of justice. I have been to Doha briefly. It’s pretty too but they are far more conservative and less flamboyant than Dubai.


  2. Beautiful. Sorry for being away from your blog for such a long time. December’s been a crazy month so far and I expect it to drive me totally made before it ends. I just saw your gravatar profile and it said Houston, Texas; so I was wondering if you’ve moved from Dubai…

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