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The Artistry of Graffiti…

Artistry of graffiti

The artistry of graffiti
Can be quite an entreaty
Which makes lithography of geography
And tells picto-tales of the polity

They are made by toughies
Who appear like Buffy
But inside they are really fluffy
And are simply all goofy

Β© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

What if your poem could be scribbled all over a giant wall? Check out @atownend intriguing prompt for Writing 101, Day 8,Β Graffiti.


17 thoughts on “The Artistry of Graffiti…

  1. A local Navajo boy was caught by a pawn shop owner graphitying his walls, He took him under his wing, hooked him up with some artist down town, and he started doing some amazing folk art, very unique. The first time I stumbled on it, I wanted to buy it and take it back east to sell. My husband thought I was nuts and it didn’t happen. A few years later, I saw some of his work in a higher end gallery and found out he shows his work in New York now. I didn’t end up with money in my pocket but I was still overjoyed to here the news!

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