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Heaven Bound!…

Lies 2

Heaven lies in your hands.

Said the Teacher,

To the Bomber.

Don’t you want to get to heaven he asked?

Easy-peasy! He advised

Bomber listened with rapturous intent.

All you need to do today,

Is to kill everybody

Said Teacher

To Bomber

Heaven lay in his hands.

Time ticked away,

Voila! Heaven at last.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Writing 101, Day 6, Fallacy


10 thoughts on “Heaven Bound!…

      1. I use to wonder the same, now I wonder about these folks who do the brainwashing and how powerful they are. Closer attention should be paid to them. Most times I watch news or documentaries, I find a trace to a lecturer, teacher and or religious leader.


  1. Intense topic, and a very good poem about a fallacy. The teacher is very misleading, the teacher is a “liar” as you point out in the beginning. Talk about leading people astray. Excellent!

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      1. Yes, I wonder that too. It seems that people are susceptible to it, look at Hitler in Germany and Nazis. I guess we always must remember to think and reason. And listen to our conscience. Great job.

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