I Stare An Enemy Down With My Two Eyes….personal


As a matter of fact, I have been stung twice in my life by Scorpions!

The first time was as a very curious young toddler playing in a rubble of stones with playmates and I got a shock of a sting from an annoyed scorpion that I must have disturbed while rummaging.

The pain of that episode has receded to parts of my memory that I can’t quite recall, but my mother remembers quite well.

The second incident was as a teenager in boarding school who was rushing to the refectory from prep in the evening.

I unwittingly stepped on my enemy once again and the pain of that sting scarred a part of my mind forever.

The burning degrees of pain, when the venom from the sting of a black scorpion crawls up one’s leg are very memorable and would make a grown man cry.

The scorpion in this picture was captured through my lens, at a safe distance in a rain-forest reserve.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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34 thoughts on “I Stare An Enemy Down With My Two Eyes….personal

  1. Good grief! Scorpions were one of the things I was once terrified of. We lived in Texas, at Ft. Hood, in the middle of nowhere back in the 50s. I had a brand new baby, my first., and was hysterically nervous about that! I never saw a scorpion, but my neighbors Dad, a Dallas farmer, had removed scorpions from his boots…his house…his car… yikes! Those boots had kicked rattle snakes, stomped snakes, and knew all about beasties. I was one frantic mama…the army hospital was absolutely crawling with cockroaches…which scared me to death. The baby was in a little box, and I literally feared for her life. In the six months I lived in Texas we had tornado warnings, a flood that broke a 7-year drought, a man behind us in the trailer park that was killed when a TV antenna slipped and bounced off the high wires. SO…my memories of Texas are very grim. 🙂

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  4. Wow! I’ve never seen one up close before. Thank God it didn’t harm you fatally.

    I remember the instruction to run away from scorpions and snakes being drummed into my ears when I was a child. The fear of a poisonous death.

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    • Oh yes they were poisonous. I can recall the last one and the excruciating pain of the venom as it crawled up my left leg. They had to tie my leg around the knees so tightly to cut off circulation before medication was applied, then, I now experienced the dragging pain of the venom as it was being evacuated. It was as if it was reluctant to come out! Not a funny experience by a mile.


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