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Wouldn’t you just love to have your own Jeeves?…

Let’s be honest with one another, if the truth be told, wouldn’t you want to have that magical Jeeves/Personal Assistant who will tackle those dreaded and impossible to delegate tasks that you are faced with?

Oh! I so would love me some Jeeves. Genie Jeeves would take care of my business in an efficient manner such as:

Exercising for me, and passing all the nicely contoured muscles to my body. He sweats it out while I shape up nicely and of course I would recline on a plush chaise-lounge like a rich Nabob eating whatever I liked without the repercussions of the weighing scale. How awesome would that be 🙂auntie acid and exercise

My dear genie Jeeves, would write those bestseller stories and books running around in my head to a perfect T and as quickly as possible too, so that he can start selling and make me wads of money.

Genie Jeeves would read my tons of mail, weed out the unintelligent ones and pass the intelligent information that I need to know into my head.

All those boxes of knick-knacks that found their way into the house would be nicely sorted out, labeled, given away or whatever. Jeeves will take care of that mess.

Running all those distracting little errands that can cut into my precious “knowing me time’‘ would be up Jeeves alley.

…..Earth to Jacqueline, now stop the daydreaming and remember that wishes are not horses, so no ride for this poor beggar.

Let me keep staring out of the window as often as possible, hopefully, I just might catch a shooting star and make my wishes; you never know these things 😉

So, tell me, do you have any chores that you need sorted out?

I might just be in the mood to lend you my Jeeves when he arrives.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

In response to NaBloPoMo – Thursday, November 12

If you had a personal assistant who would do your most dreaded tasks, which items from your to-do list would you assign out?


33 thoughts on “Wouldn’t you just love to have your own Jeeves?…

  1. Please Jacqueline lets continue the day dream, I need one to do my 8-5 job for me, not the parts that I like but the monotonous, repetitive admin staff, could use that…and one that does hand washing eish…

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  2. I’m sorry to be so late in line. I might suggest that that proves I’m more behind than other folks so perhaps you could move me up on the schedule to send Jeeves over. It will be easy; just tell him to duplicate what he has done for you. Would he do foot massage? Let him practice on you. If he is good, that for me also.

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  3. Lol, you are one generous lady.

    These days, I feel like 24 hours aren’t enough to get through all my tasks for the day.

    I particularly would like to have my very own Jeeves exercise for me, it’s becoming a hassle hitting the gym after crawling in Lagos traffic. And also cut my garment patterns and sew for me, and clean the house too.

    Ah! I forgot to add, and drive me everywhere. 😀

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