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Love In A Hopeless Place….a short story

The scented candles are down to a nub. His favorite casserole is cold and the soufflé has fallen flat.

She looks at the phone for the umpteenth time. Not a buzz. As the minutes tick slowly, the wait becomes unbearable. She knows that it would be another no-show. Another empty promise broken, another lie told and a birthday ruined.

She feels angry frustration for falling in love in a hopeless place. He has been stringing her along all these past year with his sweet tongue.

If she is honest to herself, she knows that he is a consummate liar.

He claims not be in love with his Missus any longer yet Fiorina’s recent findings is that Missus is heavy with the 3rd child.

Enough! I am worth more than this! Emptying the wine glass, she adjusts the zip of the gorgeous red evening gown; a gift from him.

NO more! She said as she slashed it into jagged strips!

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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37 thoughts on “Love In A Hopeless Place….a short story

      1. I would say… yes. 😀 I jsut finished 2 monthly reports plus a weekly report today and yes my brain isn’t at its perfect shape, haha!, but I am so glad to be here because I would never want to miss this post from you, dear JacQ!

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  1. A great awakening for her…after so many waits and empty promises. I’d say your heroine is lucky to have somehow woken up from this false dream. Great piece. Well done Jacqueline.

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  2. So she is angry right up to the time he steps on her front porch. And she is hooked again. I dare say she has been angry before. She knows for sure she is just a piece of side candy, but she has to have more help than “anger and sorrow” to get her out of this trap.

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