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Excerpt of my Work in Progress… 777 Challenge


I am excited to participate in the 777 Writer’s Challenge and the invitation was extended by a generous fellow blogger Kay Morris.

The rules are:

  • I am to go to the 7th page of my Work-in-progress.
  • Find the 7th sentence on that page, and then paste the following 7 sentences into my blog post.
  • Select 7 other writers for the challenge!

Without any hesitation, I am very passionate about writing but I am still a fledgling on this chosen part that I thread on, so it is a bit daunting and with slight trepidation that I will be posting something from a novel which I am still brewing.

It’s a challenge which I reckon will toughen my writing backbone some more. Two drafts from my first two novels are 70% done and I am looking for the push to complete at least one of them before the end of November.

No one has perused these work at all; not even a sentence, so I bare the 7th page, the 7th sentence and the following 7 sentences into my post for you:

I was not yet a confirmed convict resigned to fate in prison, and I felt that telling an incomplete story was pure bad luck.

I felt that maybe not talking about it would make the nightmare of incarceration go away.

I spent my time in desperate ennui and missing my daughter left such a hollow feeling. Even though I knew that she would be safe with my sister, I had no doubt that she must be in a complete state of turmoil.

Her fractured, struggling mind would be unable to process such calamitous situation. Blessing and I had never been apart for more than a couple of hours since I gave birth to her almost six years ago, more so because of her health condition.

I silently wondered what would become of my daughter if I were to get stuck behind bars.

I would like to encourage the following bloggers whom I picked randomly, to join the fun and participate in the 777 Challenge:


Krystol Diggs


writing blissfully


Philip Craddock

Wallace Cass

I look forward to reading excerpts of your work in progress.

Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


19 thoughts on “Excerpt of my Work in Progress… 777 Challenge

    1. Me too!!! I’m wondering whether the main character is a man or woman…but I assume it’s a woman because “she” says she hasn’t been away from daughter for more than a couple of hours. What did she do and how is she going to handle her dilemma? Can’t wait to read Jacqueline’s first released novel. I’ma need a signed copy!!!

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  1. I am completely intrigued already!! Those were a great 7 sentences. 🙂 Thank you so much for inviting me to do it; I’ll definitely be getting that done soon. You can do it – here’s a gentle push for you to get one finished by the end of November! I have faith in you. 😀

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