Handwritten Smiles…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Handwritten.”


If I say that I think through my fingers would that sound senseless? I hope that doesn’t make me an oddball because I am doubtful if I can change this pattern of putting my thoughts on paper every day. I love acquiring note pads and the loss of one feels as if I have lost a friend, because I must have propagated some of the pages with little parts of my grey matter.

I write everyday, before I transcribe on my laptop. Different colored pencils and pens fill a little pouch which I call my assistant, because the different colors that I use depends on what I am writing about. Silly concept right 🙂 Oh well! That works for me.

As a matter of fact, I was writing a thought that I am fermenting in my mind as a poem. It is not complete but I guess it will have to do for now, since you asked. So here goes:

I have come to know that LOVE is when you take away all the lovely, flowery packaging of romance and lustful passion that surrounds the person that you are with and you find out that you still care for them.

That when the door of happiness closes in our face, another door will open for us if we allow ourselves to take our glance away from longing for the one that got shut. Often times, when we are busy staring at the shut door, we fail to see the open window.

Love will surely come to those who still hope and have the courage to build trust again even though they have been disappointed in the past.

I hope you find the someone that will make you smile.

Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


9 thoughts on “Handwritten Smiles…

  1. Amazing how I am discoverying that we share certain things in common Jacqueline, I write everyday as well with different coloured pens and the joy it gives me seeing the pages of my paper in tapestry of colours is such bliss. Iam already smiling 🙂 because i found you here. *wink*

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  2. OMGosh! Your words just hit me to the point of tears. What a BEAUTIFUL poem, Jacqueline.
    First, writing before typing- I also have to physically write and I have to use different pens and different colors to really get it all out properly;) Not having a journal around gives me withdrawal!
    Now, about your beautiful poem- it needs to be printed because it is the truth which I need to read with my whole heart. Marriage and raising children is far from romantic, at times. I commented on a FB friend’s romance post today because her whole page was completely full of romantic quotes and photos of she and her (fairly new) love. My comment was SO jaded and I am admitting to it now because your poem kinda put me back in line as to which “door” I need to be looking at.
    My husband is my best friend here on earth and I should NEVER take his love for granted just because it’s not wildly romantic like it used to be…Taking a step back, I can see the beautiful romance we have NOW. It’s not the one from the movies- it’s true love.
    I know you didn’t write this for me, but in a huge way, you did.
    Thank you, Thank you!

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    • Yay! Someone else with some writing quirkiness 😉 Greta, sometimes I have epiphanies when I hear or read something and it seems as if it was directed right at me. My dear, you are so correct about marriage. It would be unrealistic and foolish for anyone to think that it’s all flowers and kisses. It is a lot of work and you are not being jaded at all by stating a fact. Funny enough, I was trying to talk to myself as I wrote this article and I am glad it resounded with you. I am glad you enjoyed it and thank you too for reading 🙂 Have a good weekend. Jacqueline

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      • Lots of quirkiness over here, for sure! My husband (Brooks) has to clear my stacks and bags of “quirkiness” off his side of the bed almost very evening…I’m sure it’s a labor of love;)
        I wish you a good weekend, also!

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