Is this not too much information?

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Sometimes, I listen to all the news syndication in dismay. Yes there is freedom of expression and freedom of press, but at times you begin to wonder if too much information is simply not handing your enemy all your aces.

The excessive coverage given to terrorist groups has not in any way assisted in retarding their progress. Rather, instead of diminishing, it just seems to increase their self importance and public profile. Sensationalizing these groups has grown to such a level as to prove attractive to adventurous, young undiscerning minds.

Listening to the report of how a successful raid was carried out due to the slip up of an ISIS member by posting a selfie which showed his location had me shaking my head in disbelief. Why let the cat out of the bag? Would a member make such a slip up again? I doubt it very much.

I thought intelligence were meant to guard some information jealously? Is there a point in time, when information becomes too much? I do wonder if there is no better way?

Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

2 thoughts on “Is this not too much information?

  1. Reminds me of how much coverage is given to wars by the media. God only knows how World Wars 1 and 2 would have turned out if every act was reported in the same way!

    On the flip-side though, there is something to be said for this information overload age we live in. Guessing the lowest common denominators in the police force in the past were just as capable of acts of corruption and brutality as their modern day equivalents. But they didn’t have teenagers with mobile phones capable of recording their every movement and uploading them to Facebook and Youtube etc to contend with, so more probably slipped under the radar.

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