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Message from an unexpected place – A Click A Day

During my walkabout, I came across this shop with the cute, funny looking guys. Their fixed smile made me smile, then I looked up at the board hanging on the door, which reads;

Believe you can and you are halfway there.

That simple quote settled in my mind.

It was like a confirmation. I felt I was meant to see that message because I had been tussling with some thoughts and doubting myself.

The owner probably put it up just as an aesthetic piece – or maybe those words mean something to him/her too, but I felt as though it was meant especially for me. Have you had such experience?



Stay tuned for our blog party tomorrow Saturday 29th – Sunday 30th. It’s a Blog-o-ween! 🙂

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Lovely interior – A Click A Day.


Who says that you’ve got to be rich to love the beautiful things of life?

Nope! It’s not a prerequisite.

Richness can be fed through the eyes without spending a dime. I love browsing through shops (new and antique), appreciate the things that I see and stoke my imagination.

I stumbled upon this setting during my weekend photo hunting walkabout. The table is a bit crowdy, but the scented candles had a wonderful fragrance.

Enjoy feeding your eyes with the beautiful things of life.


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The Pink Door – A Click A Day.

The bright and shiny pink door beckoned to me to step inside. Of course, I had to satisfy my curiousity and took a peek.

Everything inside is pretty, shiny and smells good too and would possibly dent my account. I solidly resisted the whispered encouragements of the bottles of Arabian night perfumes and walked away with my plastic intact 😉


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