Stream of Consciousness Saturday.

March Along… #SoCS

March is the month of my birth so I have a fond affinity for this month. It’s also my mama’s birthday and one of my younger brothers. March is quite the month in my family.

Of course, people do talk about the Ides of March, which was the usual way of saying March 15th, but I don’t identify with the superstition attached to it. A soothsayer’s dire warning to Julius Caesar and several other mishaps of centuries past is insufficient to make me live in fear of a particular date in the calendar.

Superstitions are quite the thing and in some places, superstitions weigh in so strong that it’s almost difficult to outmarch the people stuck in time and to move on with logical reasoning.

Isn’t it amazing how fast time runs? Sometimes, I feel as though time is frogmarching me through living at its own pace with barely enough room to exhale. Well, we’ve got no choice, but to march along and make the best of it while we can.


SoCS – March