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Drum Roll Please…

Review Comments From Aspen Tree Books Review

First, I do want to say that some of the poems may be triggering for those recovering from abuse.

Second, I want to say, this is beautiful poetry.

The free verse is strong, descriptive, haunting, lovely.  Jacqueline paints with her words. like an artist.

This is no Monet, this is a Helen Frankenthaler with her bold marks and colors.  There is a section which is written in relation to abuse and some of it is very dark.   Darkness is gut wrenching at times, but the light of hope that shines through is blinding.

My heart agonizes for the girl who has lived through excruciating torment.  But the woman she has become?  She is an Amazon; a warrior of her own heart.

I am very moved by Jacqueline’s words.  I already have my favorites and it’s amazing how Jacqueline reaches in and I feel the warmth.  The last 20 poems are exquisite and delightful.

I give this book a high recommendation, for yourself, for a friend… maybe for an Amazon you know.

Thank you, Jacqueline.  You are amazing.

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Midnight Motivations and Musings #59…


The awareness that in actual practice these words are easier said than done doesn’t escape me at all, especially due to the fact that human beings are sensory and emotionally guided.

Nevertheless, we can’t allow our lives to be like flotsams and jetsams, drifting down the bay and tossed about by each wave that casts its ripples our way.

We have to grow some sense of emotional intelligence and let the rational part of us along with grounded tenets built over time help us ride through the rough seasons of life.

If we toss in the towel, fall apart and melt into a puddle with every hard stone that’s catapulted our way, not only will it be such a hectic life but an unruly one as well.

Naturally, we are not hewn from stone and will react to issue’s that concerns us, but we should bear in mind that life continues whether we are in a pool of misery or deliriously happy.

Choosing to be happy or okay is a conscious and consistent effort.

Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha