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Stand and Resist!

Image result for images of breaking the chains
Resist the voices of dissension
that say you can’t even
when the voices come from you.
Resist the oppressing pressure
of the ruling class, if not
you’ll no longer have a voice.
Resist and stand your ground,
for you’ve got nothing to lose,
but everything to gain.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

The Daily Post – Resist

Lessons Learnt And Feedback To My Committee Of Friends…


Honestly, I don’t know where to start from on this post, but I will take it from the middle and make it brief.

The outpouring of support that I received from my fellow bloggers over the weekend was what I would call Fantabulous’ a word coined from fantastic and fabulous.

The turnout was way beyond my expectations and the ripples of the party still bounces off my walls.

As blog parties go, this was totally off the hook to my surprise.

‘There is no greater honour than the giving of your time and you guy’s gave it full time.’ 

When the seed of the idea was planted in my heart and I sent out little feelers, I must confess that I had trepidation and indeed, I received a couple of hints that the timing I chose may not be right because it was a Valentine weekend, but a good number of voices that were keen to see how it would all turn out boosted me.

You know how the negative sometimes does it’s super-best to overshadow the positive, the feedback that didn’t quite support kept ringing in my head and reminding me that I am a small blogger, but the little voice of encouragement within me kept reminding me that Valentine was even the more reason to have a party ‘because it’s a love thing and love is everything.’

Love is not meant to be restricted nor kept covered only to be exposed in one day. It should be a lifestyle. So, I dug in my heels and got to work on the hurdle that I had set for myself.

I didn’t want to leave the taunting voice of regret to hound me with the fact that I failed to try.

I also try to practice what I preach ‘do it, even if you are afraid,’ so we did it, and boy, oh boy, was it a sweet interlude.

A blog party attended by over 105 awesome bloggers with over 1,060+ comment thread is one big party.

We had live music, good food, drinks, dessert, stories, poems, pillow fights and talks, slumber parties, dancing on tables, auctions, smooching in corners, our very own Cupid, super company and lots of blogs falling in love with each other. Now tell me that wasn’t sweet.

I made a good number of new friends, had a swell time and hope that everyone else did.

The last few words I would like to say, I will say them in a quote:

‘There is strength in unity and love.’ Unknown

‘Stand your ground, for today’s mighty Iroko tree was yesterday’s nut that held it’s ground.’ African proverb

‘When you have a dream, hold on to it, work it out and never let anyone talk you out of it.’ Jacqueline.

Thank you all for keeping me company, for supporting me and for being my friend in this place.

With all pleasure, I say, let’s do it again sometime soon.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha