I’m Judging Your Feet…

The hurried albeit elegantly measured click-clack across the room drew eyes’ to ‘her’ feet clad in beautiful, sexy orange coloured sling-backs before they rose to her face. In a bid to write a shoe post I have spent several days unwittingly and unabashedly peeking at people’s feet and hers set the stream of thought flowing.  I  took a second look and saw the little designer sign which subtly announced the expensive brand. In the same flow of thinking, I couldn’t help but wonder how many shoes I could buy for the price of that one.

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A quick analysis of her appearance spoke of a smart, fashion conscious, go-for-it, dry wit, confident and ‘maybe’ fun-loving lady. When we look at people, we do a quick summation and then categorize them by their looks; what they wear, either from top to bottom or from bottom to top. We all do this subconsciously.

This silent assessment decides our expectations of a person and it takes the maturity of the mind to know that the outward packaging never truly depicts the inner package even if the outward appearance might give off tell-tale signs about someone. In many instances, especially in recent times, I’ve met expensively dressed people who were simply arrogant airheads, and I’ve also had the most exciting, thought-provoking encounters from the least expected quarters.

Back to those shoes. I love shoes. Flats, heels, boots, mules, sandals, ballet, platforms, wedges, stilettos, and all the styles in-between, I love them and I know most women do. Some women actually have shoe addiction that if shoes could be banked, they would fetch a fortune with their collection. As we grow older some of us we are wise enough to stop squeezing our feet into shoes that pinch and to buy sensible ones. My days of running in nail thin heels are now fast fading and rather than risk falling off a pair of flimsy spindly heels and breaking my neck, I invest my bucks on comfortable shoes that can walk the mile.

Shoes, Fashion, Trendy, FSJ Shoes, Black Mules, I'm Judging Your Feet, What's Your Shoes Say About You, Trendy Lifestyle, Comfort, Sophistication, Cheap and Cheerful, Affordable Shoes

Images – courtesy FSJ shoes

Without any doubt, your shoes complement your dressing ‘cos they have a way of accentuating your personality and mood. In my own case, I love vibrant colours and I am not hesitant to wear a coloured pair of shoes.   Red says I’m feeling girly and flirty. My black pumps are business mode activated and the ballet flats indicate that I want to feel comfortable ‘cos it’s a long day ahead. The leopard print loafers and blue Nike’s also say it’s adventure day…anything can happen. My deep blue heels make me feel like royalty…

I am yet to own expensive pairs of Louboutin’s, Manolo’s or Jimmy Choo’s because I simply can’t afford them and even when I have the funds, I honestly doubt that I would want to spend such ginormous amount of money on a pair of shoes that I can only wear for a limited amount of time.

Call me cheap and cheerful, baby you just might be right. I believe in value for my hard-earned money. I believe in bargains and I happily hunt for them. I have a pair of black mules and this dog-eared faithful has served me way beyond the princely sum of $60 spent on purchasing it. I hope you are not judging me by my shoes ‘cos right now, my feet are bare as I earth them on the cool marble floor whilst tapping away on my laptop.

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Sugar Rush Buried in the Pages of a Delightful Book!….

eating chocolate

Hmm! Guilty Pleasures! Just saying the words alone causes a glazed look to appear in my eyes and a nice zing of dopamine rush to my brain.

I do have a good number of those sinful gratifications hiding away in my closet, under my pillow and all around me and I wonder why I should feel guilty for something that I rightfully own and enjoy.

“Would spending so much on books count?”

“What of lovely, silky unmentionables?”

“A spa treat, is healthy isn’t it?” “Just think about professional hands kneading those aching muscles and massaging that scalp…..delightful right?”

and those shoes? If your feet don’t run in the dainty feet department where all the best shoes seems to go, you will understand the constant battle not to grab all the lovely shoes that you find in your size.

Sweet cravings are my rapturous indulgence. I could sneak in a decadent box of Swiss chocolates with an intention to have only a morsel or two. That is fooling myself and a story for the laughing Gods. With my nose buried in a delicious read, the box is as sure as gone. The burst of pleasure on my tongue was worth every measure 😉

Those sinful Cold Stone creamery, Dairy Queen, Haagen Daz cookies and cream ice-creams that tend to beckon to me when I am walking peacefully down the aisle are a bit problematic too.

You can almost hear the Dairy Queen go “Psst! Hey! Jackie this way, look am a new flavour.”

It is really a herculean feat to peal my eyes away from their pleading eyes and walk sedately to the counter, then comfort myself for being so strong by buying the smallest Twix bar available.The-choicest-pleasures

I have simply learnt to remove the guilt from the pleasure by practicing the virtue in moderation but not to indulge? Ha! That’s almost impossible.

Oh shush! Don’t go judging me. I know all about yours too!

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What’s the one guilty pleasure you have that’s so good, you no longer feel guilty about it?