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Dear Mister…

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Dear Mister,

what were you thinking

when you sold your land

for 70 shillings and went

to town to live the good life,

only to return as a servant

to the man who purchased your land?




The Indentured Servant… Friday Fiction in Five Sentences.

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Fatma’s admiration for her pristine, shiny surroundings has waned to a jaded tired feeling; two years and a half looked like an eternity.

Her excitement months ago has evaporated into a resigned feeling of just getting on with life so that she would earn and send money home to her folks in Ethiopia.

No one told her that her 3-year contract as a domestic help would turn into modern day servitude with hidden parameters.

Parameters that had not specified that every waking and breathing moment belonged to these people.

Parameters that had not specified the inclusion of the boss groping her at will.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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