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Wedded Bliss…

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We undulate to the hum of the night breeze
our bodies in sync with time and rhythm
our eyes hold on to each other for endless moments.

We’re caught in the euphoria of wedded bliss,
where everything melts away into oblivion
we are caught in our own whole new world
where what matters is just you and I.



Daily Post – undulate

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To get a rainbow….


Call me cuckoo,
But that’s okay too,
It just rained.
Like really rained.
Here in Dubai,
And it gives me delightful tickles,
That it’s not just the few sprinkles,
That barely causes tinkles,
Showers and puddles of blessings,
I care not what anyone thinks about these things.
For blessings are truly abound,
Yes indeed, they are.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha