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Message from an unexpected place – A Click A Day

During my walkabout, I came across this shop with the cute, funny looking guys. Their fixed smile made me smile, then I looked up at the board hanging on the door, which reads;

Believe you can and you are halfway there.

That simple quote settled in my mind.

It was like a confirmation. I felt I was meant to see that message because I had been tussling with some thoughts and doubting myself.

The owner probably put it up just as an aesthetic piece – or maybe those words mean something to him/her too, but I felt as though it was meant especially for me. Have you had such experience?



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BLOOM in Your Season – A Click A Day.

I walked past these flowers two days ago,

I noticed the unfurling buds,

I took a photo and went on my way.


I walked past the same flowers yesterday,

I saw that they had bloomed prettily,

I took another photo and went on my way.


I went on my way with a thought about these simple blooms.

I recalled the phrase "bloom where you are planted."

It didn't matter how scorching the sun has been;

it didn't matter how dry the season is in the desert;

the plant didn't have to go to the Tropics to try and grow;

it stood where it was planted and brought forth its beauty!

What matters is that as long as you push the boundaries of comfort where you are,

In your time and in due season, you'll bloom wherever you are.


© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


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Fresh Bread – A click a day.


The aroma of fresh, soft baked bread makes your mouth water and arouses an irresistible craving inside you. Coupled with a generous slapping of Kerrygold salted butter and you’ve got me.

Where I live, there’s a deli downstairs and they always torture my nostrils (in a good way) with that tummy grumbling smell that floats through. I try to be strong and resist yanking some part of the loaf before breakfast time. Today, a photo will suffice 🙂

How do you like your bread?


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The Buddha In The Garden – A click a day


I made a brief stop yesterday to buy Aloe Vera plant at this garden that I discovered and lo presto my wandering feet came across him as he sat in peaceful repose. Of course, I couldn’t resist a click and several more for the road 🙂

Have you taken a photo today? What’s it all about?


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A Click A Day Series…

It’s been on my mind to start this photo practise series and I have procrastinated long enough. I literally fell in love with taking photographs and discovering not just new things from the side of the lens but new things about myself as well.

Like is aptly said, practice makes perfect and each day I’ll present a random shot taken in the bid to perfect my photography skills.

Please feel free to send in your constructive criticisms on how to improve (I am a big girl and can take it – maybe just bawl a bit in the bathroom, but that’s okay 😉

I also welcome you gladly to join me anytime you are able to do so.

Maybe, as time goes on, there’ll be a 30 day’s prompt/theme that can be followed for each month.

For today, I took a snap of this framed quote that I saw somewhere and it rightly expresses my thought.


Now, let me go and get my camera 🙂


P.S. Our monthly Meet and Greet/Blog Party comes up this weekend Sat 27th/Sun 28th. Hope to see you there.

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