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The Buoyancy Of Optimism…

Yesterday, I watched my very dear friend, Ekaete Augustine-Edet run her very first Marathon of 42.195 km in Dubai and that made me so proud.

She flew in from Nigeria with other queens of marathon. These are women who are mothers, wives, workers and all. They are in their late thirties, mid-forties and late forties.

The interesting thing is that most of them only started training several months ago.

What impresses me most is that she wasn’t sure she could do it. She was nervous about it, but she set out to do her best and she did it.

Running 42.195 km for over 4 hours is not a walk in the park. Now that is optimism and determination.

‘Well done Ladies.’

P.S. I didn’t run, but I was there to whistle and cheer them on and of course to take pictures šŸ™‚

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