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Thank You and Your Invitation

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To all my new friends (follows) and interactors, thank you for joining me in this space. You are most welcome.

As much as this blog is mine to share my thoughts and what not, I primarily see this place as a community of like-minded friends supporting each other.

This is a friendly zone and once a month we have a shindig to brighten things up a bit.

We meet, greet, mingle, grow our network and shake a leg.

This would be the first meet and greet for this year and you are all invited.

The oldies in the house already know the drill; music, zero calorie online food and drink, chit-chat et cetera.

PARTY TIME – Saturday  28th January – Till Sunday 29th January



Looking forward to seeing you.


Blog-hopping · Networking · Online Blog Party

We’ve got a date…You and I 👡👔🎶🎤🍰🍡☕


It’s a blog party this weekend 28/29th May

Join the meet, greet and mingle train.

It’s always fun and full of awesome folks.

We would like to meet you; oldie, newbie, in-between etc.

It’s an opportunity to connect with new people.

Let’s make it a good one.

Please share and share alike.  reblog, tweet, Facebook, google +….

The more the merrier 🙂

P.S. I’m taking suggestions for music…smooth jazz, old jams, name it 😉

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Below is my first just published Poetry Book “Out of the silent breath” which is available on Amazon and Smashwords.

When you buy my book, you support me in an invaluable manner.

Out of the silent breath

Dreamy memories of dreamy moments,

of wondrous yearnings and many birthing,

as we clung to each other

excluding any other,

basking in the warmth of our own dew drops

glowing from the aftermath of good love.


*excerpts from my poem*

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Hello and welcome.

Are you new to the choppy waters of the blogging World? Are you relatively young in Blog-Land * I am still young too, just a 9 months shy old baby* but I have a way of appearing old 😉

I know what it feels like to be a new kid on the block, wondering how I can find my footing and makes some friends.

Sometimes, it seems like a drag and takes ages, but we are here to support each other.

This is one place you can join and do some good stepping at my Valentine Shindig on the 13th/14th. Just a few days away.

It’s an opportunity to meet some awesome, lovely, friendly blogger friends of mine.

You get an opportunity to showcase yourself, interact and gain some confidence.

It shouldn’t be a worry that you don’t have so much going on in your blog at the moment.

Remember that ‘iron sharpens iron’ and you can get inspired from seeing what others are doing by mingling with them.

We are quite a supportive bunch to hang out with even if we do get to paint the town red a couple of times, it’s just in good faith 😉

Now don’t be shy. Join the party train to bubble and shuffle.

Looking forward to seeing you in your glad rags.

Enjoy a good day.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

P.S. To my old friends. You can help by sharing this to reach other younger kids in the zone. If you get my drift. Thank you 🙂