Stream of Consciousness Saturday.

Book me down!…Stream of consciousness Saturday.

Book writing, book reading, book store’s, bookshelves, bookworms, book-keeping a lot about my life these days revolves around books.SoCS badge 2015

Reading a book takes me on an adventure where I journey with the writer through apertures unknown, on exhilarating trips of thoughts, experience, and wonder.

I love books. It’s an easy way to melt my stress and when anything else gets on my nerves I can bury my nose in a book and come out feeling better.

I have been craving a specific type of bookshelf, but because my living in the UAE is possibly transitory, I find myself reluctant to get on with the idea of investing funds and energy into having that personalised bookshelf only to get up and have to leave it here a couple of years down the line. Moving books or bookshelves as you migrate is not an easy feat.

I know how I felt about my books back in Houston. I felt as if I was giving away my good friends but the good thing is that donating the books to an old people’s home and the library made me feel better and happy.

Two of my young ones are turning into bookworms, it’s as if they are chewing through them so fast that I have to keep buying more books each month. I remember myself at their age. I read voraciously as well and we had a mobile library that catered to my passion and made life easier.

Going to the libraries over here takes planning because it’s not close by, unlike back in Houston where our home was five minutes away from the huge Lones Star library in Cypress. That’s a haven of books!

Well, right now, I’m trying to trick my mind to focus on writing my second book which I have been working on in jerks and stops. It’s all about books. Can’t get it off my mind.

The title I used for this post ‘book me down ‘ is a popular Lagosian phrase that we use to indicate our interest or availability for something. I wonder where else they use that?

Thank you, Linda, for giving me permission to:

Beat about the books

I’m going to use every trick in the book 

to get my hands to keep still and write my books

‘cos writing a book 

is definitely different from cooking the books.

To be a bookworm 

is borrowing a leaf 

from an open book 

now let’s sing from the same hymnbook

as long as you don’t throw the book at me 🙂

P.S. Just feeling silly. After all, it’s Saturday folks

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