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Wordless Wednesday…

Enough said!

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5 Empowering Ways to Use Your Voice Today.

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The Power in Your Voice

Do you believe that your voice has power and that it could make a difference?

Your voice is the most important tool that you have. A lot of power lies in your words and communication and the failure to use your voice, to Your Life Speak especially in today’s world is a waste. It’s essential to find ways of expressing ourselves as unique people with our own personal styles and experiences.

There are many ways that you could amplify your voice to enhance your creativity and explore the possibilities that lie before you in the Spoken word.

We may not all be gifted with the decibel to sing but we can talk and literally inspire and influence others with our words. The power to shape your own image lies with you and you have to find and embrace the voice that is completely yours.

Here are 5 easy ideas on how you can use the spoken word today: READ More

Today’s two cents worth of a tip…

Fear-Quotes-30Throw that fear out of the window,
For all your breakthroughs are on the other side of your fear.

Throw that fear out of your window,
It only seeks to intimidate you and hold you in bondage.

Throw that fear out of your window, I say
You’ve come this far, don’t be afraid to take a step further.fear-quotes

Throw that fear out of the window,
It is just a shadow of a toothless bull dog, It cannot conquer you, just believe.

Throw that fear out of the window,
And don’t allow him back in,
You have been blessed with the spirit of love and of sound mind.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Your eyes…Your ears…Your heart…

Eyes-Beauty of the soul

Feed your eyes with the right things, they are a door to your inner self.

Open your ears and listen well to ethical things,

Lest your mind becomes consumed by issues that don’t edify

Renew your heart so that your transformation comes from within to without.

Use your lips for utterances that speak for truth.

If you can do these little bits

You just might see those changes that you wish to see in the World.mindset quote

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Image credit: beautyquotes.net