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The Dying One’s – Echoes of My Neighbourhood

It simply has to be the searing heat, ‘cos I’ve seen far too many dead birds this past couple of weeks. The poor things.

When I look at them, they always seem to have their feathers ruffled out of place and their beaks open in an attempt to get more air – my thoughts.

However, I preferred not to take depressing photos of the dead birds but sharing bits and pieces of my week. No one can convince me that the Earth is not gradually over heating.

Pamela took us to Jax beach and I must say that I’m a tad envious of those enjoying a good-natured weather at their end right now.

Lady Tee shared some delicious slices of her world with us.

So, how’s your end holding up?


Divine Missteps…

Mabel is now at the Autumn of her life, watching the sun-rises and the sun-sets while filling her days with little chores, knitting and waiting for her loved ones to visit.

Christmas is just a few weeks away and she can feel it in her bones already.

Some days, her arthritic pains plagued her, but today is a good day. Her children and their spouses will be arriving soon for their fortnightly dinner.

They had taken it upon themselves to share their visits in batches and come more often since their father passed on.

She preferred to keep her house and didn’t want to move in with any of her children so as not to cramp their style.

Christmas brought special memories and was chock full of nostalgia for her.

Her life with Dan started 43 years ago during Christmas until a misstep on the ladder 3 years past, had sent him in throes of pain with a slipped disc and down the slippery slope of one medical issue or the other until he slept off peacefully.

She recalls mirthfully, how their romance started so many years back. It had all began with a misstep as well.

As she walked down the pews after communion that Sunday morning, Dan had suddenly placed his long leg in her path and an attempt to side step found her tripping and sprawling in Church to her utter dismay.

She had been beetroot red in the face as he stood, all 6 ft 4 inches of him to help her up. He apologized so nicely and that was it. They fell in love and their beautiful union produced five wonderful children.

She always said that an Angel had a hand in placing Dan’s big feet on her path, that the misstep was a benevolent high point and divine orchestration in her life.

Thoughts of Dan always filled her with bitter-sweet emotions.

The ring of voices at the door, alerted her of their arrival. She could hear little Dan’s chatter.

Her four year old grand-son is a spitting image of his grandpa.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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