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My Thinking Corner… Your Standards

When we lower our standards to trash, we simply succeed in putting ourselves in the trash can. Stand tall

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It’s amazing how many people go through life without any personal standards or with standards as fickle as the wind.

They never know where they stand at each point in life and a life of anything goes is what it is…anything goes, that way they don’t even know when nothing is going.

When you keep lowering your standards, you keep going downhill but when you raise them you rise with them.

Be mindful of accepting every nonsense dished out there because of the fear of being politically incorrect or being labeled as a hater.

Not everyone will meet your standards neither will you meet everyone’s standard and that’s absolutely fine.

© Jacqueline

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Lounging Recasts!


Around comes Monday, Quick, so Fast!

The Weekend is simply not so Vast!

Well! Its time to live now and forget the Last!

Till next Friday and another lounging Recast!

The picture above – Quick Forgotten History and Fact:

More than a thousand years ago, on a hill in Cordoba, Abass Ibn Firnas, the first Aviator, boldly set out to do what no man had done before. He was ready to test the first flying machine in recorded history.

It’s lovely to start the week and each day as a matter of fact with positive outlook. I find Leannenz Monday memes interesting.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha