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Aloha! Hawaii in Dubai – A Click A Day.

Well, who says that if we can’t go to the exotic Island of Hawaii, that we can’t bring Hawaii to the desert and possibly have a good Luau while at it 🙂



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out-of-the-silent-breath 2


Ticks addiction..


What manner of intoxication is this?
What manner of fascination is this?
Eyes feasting on likes and follows,
Like there are no tomorrows.

So consumed am I,
Watching in bated anticipation for the rise of the ticks,
The highs and lows of the statistics.

The likes and nudges, the pokes and comments serve as melodious balm to my eager sapping soul and a fan to the embers of my creative juices.

With glee, I keep my hand shamelessly on the click, checking and rechecking the stats, like a fisherman who has cast a bait in hope of catching a fry.

What gives birth to such desire for validation, from friends and strangers to you and I?

Could it be our preening narcissistic selves that seek such adulation and approval? Wanting to know that we are not one lone echoing voice, unheard in the cacophonous decibels of all that goes on around us?

Could it be, could it be, the simple truth, that indeed no man is an Island? That we need each other to survive, be it in the real or virtual World?

We grasp with greedy, clutching fingers at any sign of love and approval sent our little way. Are we equally as giving, of this easily hard-earned love?

What manner of sorcery and captivation is this? To the likes, the ticks, the tweets, the follows, the apps, the phones, the comments and many more to come.

It is called Digital addiction.addiction

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha