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10 things to Love me or Hate me…yOu’ve got to feel something…


A fellow blogger whom I enjoy reading her lovely articles Whereshappy invited me to do this LOVE/HATE exercise chain, so that you can take a peek into my quirky, murky mind.

Whereshappy, thank you for asking me to participate in this. It means a lot to be positively thought of by someone else.

In a short synopsis, I shall let you in, in a bit to see the 10 things that I Love and the 10 things I love to Hate. If you don’t want me to nominate you (I have eyes that see through, into your mind), just click on the like button 🙂 and run along. Thank you for reading…

1. I LOVE being a mother; hassles and all. It’s a wonder that I did not turn into an old woman living in a shoe with a brood of twenty. The fragrance of freshly bathed baby is just awesome, but when they turn into terror toddlers, that is another tale entirely. I HATE the thought of my brood flying from my coop, and that would happen one day; it’s just the way of life.

2. I LOVE that I have grown to love myself a whole lot, crooked feet, warts and all. Without pretense or trying to sound hyperbolic, the truth is what it is. The older I get, the more in love with myself I become, but I do HATE the thinning hair line and the effect of gravity in some perky places 🙂

3. I LOVE honest people and HATE two-faced humans. You never know which side of the face to talk to, or to slap some sense into 🙂

4. I LOVE or should I say adore books; and I HATE the fact that there is not enough time to read them all.

5. I LOVE to chat; even with total strangers (weird right?) but I HATE it when they want to follow me home and live off my couch.

6. I LOVE to dance and I HATE the fact that I sound like Donald Duck in the shower 🙂

7. I LOVE to travel, seeing new places, learning new cultures and meeting new people, but I HATE the downsides of living out of a suitcase; it short circuits my brain.

8. I LOVE colors every single one of them. They bright colors perk me up and make me happy, but I HATE having to choose them carefully in order not to risk looking like a Christmas tree or the rainbow lady. Sheer waste of time.

9. I LOVE to people-watch (I am campaigning for that to become a hobby) and my latest peeve is that I HATE the new craze of everybody walking absent-minded with their heads perpetually bent over their phones, even in restaurants or on dates when they should interact face to face.

10. I am sure you are tired by now, so I can sneak in the last bit without anyone taking much notice. I LOVE sweet things, oh, I love food. I am a confirmed chocoholic. I have to practically hold myself from eating all the cake. I do manage to squeeze in some exercise for my well-being and I HATE the idea that I can’t just gorge to my hearts delight without paying the price. Simply not fair.

*PHEW* The end at last. Now I pass on the baton to my friends to continue the exercise. It would be nice to read about you. Enjoy.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

My nominees are:


nurse Kelly


Sarah C


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Marcia B


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