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NIGERIA my NAIJA!…. Celebrating a Nation


The Nigerian National Anthem rendered by BEYONCE

To My Country..

Nigeria I hail you!
My very own dear homeland!
The land of the rising sun!
The Blessed one among many others!

In abundance of resources, You are blessed!
You are destined for greatness!
The land of the valiant and the wise!
Of diversity and different tongues!

We have seen many ups and downs!
We have shared many scary times!
Yet the arms of He that holds all!
Has sustained You as a Nation!

You have crawled!
You have toddled!
Now it’s time to walk!
Walk away from ashes of regrettable past!

Away from corruption that tightens its strangling noose around our necks!
Away from Tribalism and Nepotism!
Away from Terrorism a culture strange to us!
Into the Light, may you walk and shine!

55 is a middle aged man!
May your new days be brighter than the last!
May your fruits of tomorrow be sweeter than yesterdays!
May harbinger’s of discord and disunity be far from you!

For you are the land of the blessed and the brave!
Pick up your mantle and walk!
With pride and without Prejudice!
I am Nigerian! I am proud!

NAIJA FOR LIFE….Happy 55th Independence

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha