Wordless Wednesday

With Love From Me…

Nothing like a warm cuppa good brew to set the body and creative juices flowing. Have one on me today with love 😉

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A little pick me up..


A brisk walk and twenty minutes later, I am there. My nostrils are assailed with the mingling rich aroma of fresh percolated coffee, the wafting sweet smell of baked goods, the unique smell of brand new books and magazines and the fragrance of pine which I suspect comes from an automated air-freshener dispenser; they all make an interesting medley of flavors.

There is a quiet din of light music, which oscillates from jazz to soul and country melodies. People are seated on the chairs provided around the cafe side, browsing through glossies or working quietly on their laptops.Yes you

Yes! There is free WiFi, an icing on the cake. Sometimes you are hard pressed to find an available seat, but by tailgating a woman and her child who are gathering their stuff, I quickly occupy the vacant spot.

The soft hum of human voices are muted at mid level (I love human voices), at one end you hear the littlewoman-reading bits of broken conversations of other occupiers, the rich chuckle of the young lady twirling a strand of her glossy locks whilst carrying on a conversation on her phone and the din of the cashiers till as the young Barista attends to customers.

Today, I choose to imbibe a Caramel Macchiato and munch on roasted almonds. I steer clear of those delicious cheese factory cakes; they are sinful and an eyeful. Just a look adds a few inches to my hips and my scale cries along with me 😉

Settling down with my carafe of special brew, and several publications, I flip through with ease, emptying my mind as I feed on the information contained within. A chuckle, a sigh, a hiss and various expressions that run through me when I read compelling, sensational or down right funny articles. I am a very expressive person (a poker face, have I not).

After stimulating my mental storage, I flip open my notebook, and scribble, scribble, scribble. My fingers rapidly processing my thoughts until they have been emptied of their burgeoning contents.

I idle through the aisles of beautiful writings of authors known and unknown, touching, feeling with my senses, assimilating and articulating different discourse.

fairytalesI am refreshed and sated. I walk away clutching a brand new sensation. A good feeling of well-being pervades my being. I never walk away empty. Its another good day.

Tell me, what’s your own pick me up?

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

nota bene: Read a book today. You might learn a thing or two.