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Essential Writers Tips – Halt mid-sentence

When writing a story knowing when to halt mid-sentence is an excellent writing trick that helps you to pick up easily from where you stopped.

Resist the temptation to write the entire plot as it flows ceaselessly because there are days that your flow will probably come in trickles if they come at all.

Naturally, our minds don’t like unfinished riddles and guessing games and this trick of interrupting your flow has the added advantage of keeping your mind at work on the plot even when you are at rest. Read more...

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Finish The Story #1… In The Saloon…

Alphabet story and I started the story chain below.

We now invite you to add to the story line 🙂


Frank walks into the empty saloon.

It’s too early for the usual crowd.

Behind the bar, Brad is wiping down the counter and rearranging the bottles of the new order just received.

Tonight is the weekly lady’s night. He wants everything ready before they arrive and he gets swamped with orders.

Brad looks up at the sound of the opening door and sees the dude in the cowboy hat. He is an unfamiliar face.

‘Hello mate.’ Frank introduces himself, plunks down on a high bar stool and pulls out a picture from his pocket.

‘I am looking to meet this lady, Isobel. ‘Would you be knowing her whereabouts?’ He asked.

Brad is not sure what to make of the stranger and his question.


*****Now you can have fun and continue it. The picture could serve up some inspiration, and at the end of the trail of what we gather, we will publish the full length accrediting bits and pieces to the bloggers who contributed*******