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To Quieten These Voices…


Is it not yet obvious why I blog? Well, grab a cup of coffee and let me tell you some things:

I blog because I love talking and connecting with other humans with like interests; hoping the people I am meeting online are not all aliens 😉

I blog so that I can develop my writing muscles and focus. It is like thinking through my fingers.

I blog because I can attempt to paint my pictures in words.

I blog because the crazy voices and characters in my head won’t let me keep quiet.

I blog because it gives voice to my thoughts and clarity to my deliberations.

I feel a deep satisfaction when I have finally said it, until the very next second, when another idea pops up.

I blog because I have heaps and heaps of stories to twist and tell and dear husbands ears are getting hot and tired.

I blog because the riotous emotions that thrum in my blood only quieten down when they have been let loose.

I blog so that I can keep my sanity. It calms my restless heart.

I blog because it would be a shame to have something to say but choke to death with everything buried inside.

I blog so that I may empty myself a piece at a time and by the time I am old and checking out, every single part of me would have oozed out.

I blog for posterity sake. I want my progeny to find bits of me somewhere in this space when I am long gone. No one can tell my story better than myself.

I blog because blogging and writing a novel are not precisely the same. Writing a book is a tailored, more time consuming venture while blogging is like a chat between friends over a nice cup of coffee/tea and a decadent slice of sweetness.

I blog so that I can be a part of the inner caucus of such an elite society with a sophisticated name. Blogger! How nice 😉

If not for blogging, I wouldn’t have been exposed to this huge fascinating World of bloggers and I would not have met you, you, you, you……….

Is this answer sufficient or should I refresh your cup and continue?

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

In response to The Daily Post prompt Million-Dollar-Question

Why do you blog?