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Those Wicked Contraptions….

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Night and Day.”

corset-itch2 Stilettos 2

An A-class rated event, coupled with the desire to cast a captivating, svelte, alluring figure all rolled-in-one *pun intended* led me down the path of purchasing a slinky dress to go with the anticipated moment.

The rolls and bulges needed to be folded in very nicely and the cute shop attendant introduced me to the wonderful corset. A piece of nip-tuck body magic, body shaping contraption (not garment in my opinion) which promised a smooth finish and an immediate downsize of several inches. Everything looked real good!

Now, a pair of stilettos which were required to complete the fashionista look were obtained (at a bargain, I must tell you).

Party, here we come!

It’s was a lovely evening. We were good to go. I was no longer so sure of my choices but with husband practically tapping his toes in the bid to go, I chose to brave it and all nicely trussed up like a turkey, off we went.

I don’t think I have spent a more miserable evening at a party before! I could barely take in sufficient gulps of air. Needless to say, the pins and needles poking at my ribs all evening were absolutely no fun!

All the lovely finger food passed me by with regret (the food regretted and so did I). Any attempt to take a meaningful bite would have caused some things to burst loose.

I couldn’t even comfort myself by dancing either! It appeared the stilettos were not quite as comfortable as they had been on the day they were bought.

I sat upright all evening like a nob or better still a snobbish aristocrat and using the restroom was not a mean feat at all!

Most of the conversation floated over my head because my entire thoughts were “Oh my God, when would be the reasonable time to leave so that I can disentangle myself from my self-imposed cagey nonsense.”

Those items never saw the light of the day again. A lesson not to be repeated.

Just in case you are interested, I have this lovely corset and killer stilts that would complement your wardrobe. It’s available for auction. Going! Going! Going….to any bidder please!

Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

P.S. Thank you WordPress for reminding us of good times spent 🙂