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10 things to Love me or Hate me…yOu’ve got to feel something…


A fellow blogger whom I enjoy reading her lovely articles Whereshappy invited me to do this LOVE/HATE exercise chain, so that you can take a peek into my quirky, murky mind.

Whereshappy, thank you for asking me to participate in this. It means a lot to be positively thought of by someone else.

In a short synopsis, I shall let you in, in a bit to see the 10 things that I Love and the 10 things I love to Hate. If you don’t want me to nominate you (I have eyes that see through, into your mind), just click on the like button 🙂 and run along. Thank you for reading…

1. I LOVE being a mother; hassles and all. It’s a wonder that I did not turn into an old woman living in a shoe with a brood of twenty. The fragrance of freshly bathed baby is just awesome, but when they turn into terror toddlers, that is another tale entirely. I HATE the thought of my brood flying from my coop, and that would happen one day; it’s just the way of life.

2. I LOVE that I have grown to love myself a whole lot, crooked feet, warts and all. Without pretense or trying to sound hyperbolic, the truth is what it is. The older I get, the more in love with myself I become, but I do HATE the thinning hair line and the effect of gravity in some perky places 🙂

3. I LOVE honest people and HATE two-faced humans. You never know which side of the face to talk to, or to slap some sense into 🙂

4. I LOVE or should I say adore books; and I HATE the fact that there is not enough time to read them all.

5. I LOVE to chat; even with total strangers (weird right?) but I HATE it when they want to follow me home and live off my couch.

6. I LOVE to dance and I HATE the fact that I sound like Donald Duck in the shower 🙂

7. I LOVE to travel, seeing new places, learning new cultures and meeting new people, but I HATE the downsides of living out of a suitcase; it short circuits my brain.

8. I LOVE colors every single one of them. They bright colors perk me up and make me happy, but I HATE having to choose them carefully in order not to risk looking like a Christmas tree or the rainbow lady. Sheer waste of time.

9. I LOVE to people-watch (I am campaigning for that to become a hobby) and my latest peeve is that I HATE the new craze of everybody walking absent-minded with their heads perpetually bent over their phones, even in restaurants or on dates when they should interact face to face.

10. I am sure you are tired by now, so I can sneak in the last bit without anyone taking much notice. I LOVE sweet things, oh, I love food. I am a confirmed chocoholic. I have to practically hold myself from eating all the cake. I do manage to squeeze in some exercise for my well-being and I HATE the idea that I can’t just gorge to my hearts delight without paying the price. Simply not fair.

*PHEW* The end at last. Now I pass on the baton to my friends to continue the exercise. It would be nice to read about you. Enjoy.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

My nominees are:


nurse Kelly


Sarah C


Kay Morris

Marcia B


Crafty rabbit


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Indeed love can grow; for my car at least..


Bonding is really a question of giving time to someone or something and allowing their finer qualities to get to you.

Even a disagreeable person has someone who finds him/her agreeable after a while of spending time together.

Like we say back home: Monkey no fine, but him mama like am (no matter how ugly the monkey is, his mother is quite enthused with him).

In my case, the love and bonding is between my car and I.

It’s not that my SUV is ugly. No! Far from it. But as the name depicts, it is still a Sport Utility Van. Made to accommodate my brood and I, plus the excessive grocery bags.

In my head, I am a classy diva and when my husband wanted to get me a new car, I wanted a snazzy red corvette to paint the town in lovely colors. I could see myself cruising down Beltway 8 or i10 with my sun roof down and a scarf carelessly slung round my neck and my kinky hair (not flowing like the locks of a Caucasian damsel) bouncing, maybe just a little. I would wear an over-sized pair of dark sunglasses and a whole lot of attitude. I went to sleep for several nights with a happy smile on my face 🙂

I craftily dropped hints all over the place for my Corvette desire to dear husband of mine, but he looked at me with that expression of ” where did you fall and hit your head?” promptly explaining to me, that as a matronly mama, I should have an accommodating car, so that the children can have enough room and to leave the snazzy bits for retirement or when they have all gone off to College/University. Reluctantly throwing my sunroof cruising thoughts out of the window, I grudgingly acquiesced.

We went ahead and purchased my sedate looking (white for that matter) SUV, and our romance began. Every morning, I would start her (her name is Gloria) and she will respond with a perfect hum. Gloria, has been very faithful and loving these past months. No day did she nag or grumble. No day did she fail to work as expected. She was good in all weather, rain or shine. As I am about to trade Gloria in, I am jolted with the realization, that indeed, I have come to love my dependable SUV, white color and all and that I would miss her. I could not paint the town the colors that I wanted, but she did get me around as often as I needed.

Not that I have forgotten my snazzy Corvette, there’s still a whole lot of time for that 😉

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha