Stream of Consciousness Saturday.

What if? – Streams of consciousness Saturday.

If we were to try and wear the other person’s shoes and found how tight they pinched and how many miles they had to walk, would that possibly make us more empathetic towards others?SoCS badge 2015

If the respect each person seeks for him or herself is equally reciprocated, doesn’t that implicitly indicate a balanced measure of treatments?

There are many if’s, why’s and what not’s that I could ask and possibly receive no answers for, but one ‘if’ that I would really like an answer to is, if all men were created equal why then are we having sad disparities all over the place where some have become not only intolerant of each other, but it’s growing to such dangerous proportions?

If we all understood that there’s beauty in diversity and we lived our lives with love as a compass, then we would have a more conducive World to inhabit.

What makes you think that your own beliefs are the only way to go and if not your way then everyone else is an infidel and should be taken off the face of the Earth?

If all parents stopped being ignorant and desist from raising their children on hate filled tenets, racial slurs, and bigotry, I bet the next generation would be wiser.

If we truly believe all that we spout about right to life and the likes, then why do some folks discriminate and not practice what they preach or is it that they speak from both sides of their mouth and have two faces?

If women of colour boycotted patronising the silly beauty products manufacturing companies that come up with their biased and useless measures of what constitutes a beautiful woman ‘that a lady has to have light skin and pointed nose etc’ and can be satisfied in the beauty of who they are, most of these women will not only be better off as individuals, but these companies will suffer loss of business and go sell their false products in Jupiter.

However, on a serious note, if our World continues the way that it’s going what legacy do we leave behind for our progenitures? What then?

P.S. The if and then prompt Linda gave us made me pause but I realized that I have loads of if questions lurking in my mind and if I were to continue with the if’s, why’s and what’s it could then turn into a mini-book of if-then what 😉

Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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Out of the silent breath

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