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Time and Movement – Haiku Challenge

Every inch of our movement

takes us closer to the shallow grave

it’s a matter of time.

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This haiku might sound morbid, but it’s just a statement of fact. Each moment that we receive never comes back again. When I think of time, I think of the fact that it’s our most valuable commodity and there’s simply not enough of it. Every moment counts make the best of it.

Ronovan writes weekly haiku challenge: Time and Movement


Dance with glee…a chance to be silly

elephants - jokes123I love to dance,
Indeed, I do.

My blood thrums at the
Rhythm of musical vibes.

Anything that beats, gets a rise off me

But, hold on!
Don’t be mistaken when I say that.

Don’t you start thinking of
Ballroom dancing, Waltzing, Tango and the likes.

For sure, these are such fine footwork.

But I am more into the demonstrative Afro Pop,
Waist rolling, Eye rolling, Expressions and
staccato moves. Almost like a war dance that borders on dodgy.

I think that the twirls and frills of the fine footwork,
Are more reserved for the delicate that
Can twirl and toss themselves at the click of your thumb.

Me! If you know me at all,
Almost an African Amazon,
Not small by half a mile!

I chortle in laughter when I visualize myself,
Trying to Tango, in my Bou-bou or skirt.

It would probably be like an Elephant stumping through a China shop,
And breaking the ten toes of my partner and more

A bead of sweat breaks on my forehead,
At such a thought 😉

Now let me go and rest, after such exertion of my mind.

P.S. Enjoy the music below, courtesy of YouTube.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Image courtesy: http://www.jokes123.com