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The things I would do…

Money, money money…I ain’t gonna lie, if per chance I find myself blessed with a billion dollars, I would hibernate for a little while to take it all in, to pray for direction and wisdom on how best to utilize the money. There won’t be any rushed spending.

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My first step would be to engage experienced financial advisers and create channels for multiple streams of income such as investing in real estate, diversified portfolios (stocks and bonds) and trading investment streams. I would buy into a renowned food franchise (because people will always eat) and any other worthwhile franchise that will employ people while generating a steady flow of income. I would love to set up an institute where people can acquire skills that are not only transferable but would help to give them a good start in life. Money can gain wings and fly away, so I will try my very best not to go overboard and splurge on foolish things that have no return value. I don’t want to wake up suddenly and find myself down and out of funds.

Other key interests would be to sort out those essential needs like shelter. Paying off my home will be a priority on my needs list, so that I no longer need to fret about mortgage and the likes. For sure, knowing what putting children through school means, I will set up a trust fund for my children’s education to whatever level they choose to aim for, set up a better life insurance than the one I have at present, set up an endowment fund which will be primarily to support vulnerable folks and those in need and to empower women in the rural areas.

Most certainly, I will have a thanksgiving and sow seeds into worthy charity organizations. I will bless family members with some funds to help them take care of necessary exigencies. After taking care of all these aspects, then I will sit back and exhale a bit.

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4 thoughts on “The things I would do…

  1. SPLASH OUT ON THE MOST COMFORTABLE PAIR OF SLIPPERS IN THE WORLD SO WHEN YOU SIT TO EXHALE YOU DO SO IN COMFORT. Please supply your address for begging latters. A simple million should give me security for what'[s left of my life and allow me to leave a legacy for my grandchildren to ensure their education neeeds.

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  2. Ahh I could do well with a tidy little chunk of change like that, i’d pay off my mortgage, car, and help my kids & family out, help out my favourite charities etc… would be amazing!


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